Cook, Sommellier and ...Director

His childhood and youth was passed under the shadow of his father, and to please his father Gianluigi completed his studies as an accountant. Nonetheless, during this time he also developed his natural inclination for the arts as an amatuer in the theater. He tried his luck in Rome for a short time working at an Experimental Center for Cinematography. The cinema remained one of his favorite hobbies, together with cuisine, which he blossomed by inviting friends to dinner and experimenting his abilities on them, as a chef, a wine steward, and as a cinema director. He began to document restaurants in Italy and other countries, becoming more and more convinced of the need to build a restaurant “by hand”. He started construction near the end of the 60’s in his father’s home, creating a restaurant with twenty tables, for which he designed even the smallest details: the walls covered with fine linens, the ceilings with decorated fabrics, the lampshades of each table covered with this same decorated fabric. The heavy fuchsia table linens, the crystal glasses, the silver underplates, silver candleholders, silver forks, knives, and spoons, even the silver flower vases which hold fresh flowers daily. The impression that Ristorante San Domenico gives is that of a private and exclusive club, which opened its doors on March 7, 1970. The original gastronomical choices tended to combine traditional flavors with the care and gusto of home cooking. Later on, following the suggestion of Luigi Veronelli, Gianluigi Morini turned to the experience of Nino Bergese, a great chef who boasted a prestigious career in the kitchens of kings and other important Italians and foreigners.

Bergese structured the San Domenico kitchen with the same style as the grand kitchens which he had worked in, always choosing the absolute best ingredients and preparing everything “in house”, from the bread to the dessert, because he says:

L'ospite va rispettato: viene per mangiare e per gioire del sapore delle nostre preparazioni. (The guest must be respected: he comes to eat and take joy in the flavors of our preparations).

The relationship between Bergese and Valentino Marcattilii, the young cook responsible for the kitchen, was extraordinary and they shared an intense understanding.
What is the secret of Ristorante San Domenico? The secret is its kitchen, intent on returning to origins in both its quality and research, rich with fertile inventiveness which distinguishes it from other kitchens. There is an absolutely extraordinary choice of wines, and Gianluigi Morini is proud to show his famous wine cellar, the pride and joy of San Domenico. With love and dedication, Morini has collected the best wines that he could find on the market, with the goal of coupling wines with various dishes to best bring out their tastes and flavors. All of this has the desired effect of offering the clients that choose Ristorante San Domenico a welcoming service, to “take care of their happiness”.