Massimiliano works along side his grandparents Natale and Valentino, concentrating on the organization and management of the San Domenico kitchens.

He began working at just 14 years old: for five years while attending high school, he was always busy attending classes and working in the kitchens. Upon earning his diploma, he began to travel, with the aims of broadening his knowledge of raw materials, techniques, and various flavors.

Here we mention just a few of his important work experiences from these years: in Italy at Ristorante Vissani and at Ristorante Romano in Viareggio, in the United States at Osteria Fiamma in New York, and in France first at the Bastide Saint Antoine and finally in Paris at the multi-star court of Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athené.

Today at the age of 30, Massimiliano represents the new generation of the restaurant and is also a symbol of our continuous tradition to innovate and renew while conserving our solid roots in Italian gastronomic tradition.

«My true experience was and still is at San Domenico. This doesn’t mean that my other experiences in Italy and abroad weren’t fundamental for my professional growth. In the United States I learned to work at an ever increasing pace and I came to fully understand the importance of organizing my work and kitchen well. In France I vastly improved my knowledge of cooking techniques and I came to fully understand the incredible value of gastronomic history and culture. In Italy I carefully studied raw materials – no other place equals Italy in when it comes to its quality of raw materials. »
«Our kitchen is very regional – to be understood as the quest for ever better raw materials that were created within their ideal environment – it is in constant evolution, with new techniques at the service of tradition. For me, respect for the raw materials and their appropriate seasons are essential elements that constitute the starting point in the process of research and innovation in preparation techniques. My main objective is to create dishes that have clear and well defined flavors, without using an excessive number of ingredients, that reach a balance in which the principle elements of the dish are easily distinguished. I also believe that aesthetics and color schemes are important in dishes, as long as they are functional within the recipe.»