The Cellar

Cellars must be built underground, far from any noise, clamor, or stench, with an easternly light; in this way being far from the sunlight which warms the wines, they will not become weak and faulty.

This was written in 1570 by Andrea Di Pietro, also known as the Palladio, in his 14 books on architecture.

The cellars of Ristorante San Domenico were built over five hundred years ago by Domenican Monks, and they conserve unequivocal traces of even older eras, as can be seen from the remains of roman roads therein, which were most likely recovered from the neighboring road Via della Gambellara (today known as Via Cavour).

Today within its walls Italian and international wine treasures and rarities are jealously kept, with thousands of bottles of rare and precious years - the greatest cru of Italy and France. The cellar also holds prized spirits, able to impress even the most expert and passionate connoisseurs. In other words, Ristorante San Domenico has an enological array to offer that makes it one of the most beautiful and renowned cellars of Italy.

Our guests have the possibility to organize tastings and aperitifs in small groups inside these walls of our special and distinguished cellar.