The Philosofy

An environment where one can find joy, proposed with reserved elegance, in polished rooms, where clients become guests: this is how we imagined and desire San Domenico in Imola to be. And after over 40 years of business, this aspiration that led Gianluigi Morini to open the restaurant on March 7, 1970 is still very strong, along with the concept of offering the possibility to know and appreciate the astounding cuisine of Italian nobles.

A place which becomes «home», with a well-studied kitchen that pays attention to fine details and matches the harmony of its dishes with high quality wines.

None of this would have been possible without our unforgettable master Nino Bergese, the best expert of «home cooking». He passed his knowledge on to Valentino Marcattilii who, especially in the 80’s, had the opportunity to confront this knowledge with other gastronomical cultures.

Without a doubt his French experiences, from the Troigros brothers to Vergé, in addition to Haeberlin and Point, along with Italian traditions, defined our precise identity in both our kitchens and our service, a service which has been impeccable thanks to its director Natale Marcattilii, who has been part of San Domenico since its first day open.

To guarantee the future of our «home», Natale and Valentino’s (who are also co-owners of the restaurant along with Gianluigi Morini) grandson, Massimiliano Mascia, joined our team.

This is yet another symbol of our dedication to continuous innovation and renewal while conserving our solid roots in Italian gastronomic traditions.

Our kitchen is a regional one which is in constant evolution, with new techniques at the service of tradition; an art for the chef with the fantasy and passion necessary to continue to serve his guests pure joy.